Agency Management System Integration

Re-market – Easily re-market commercial customers by exporting data from your management system into IBQ. It’s that simple.

New business – No more lost customer data. Enter into IBQ to rate a customer, then import into your management system.

Time Savings

Agents are wasting time with repetitive data entry and most importantly, only utilizing a handful of their appointed carriers.

Isn’t the power of being an independent agent the ability to quote all your carriers?

Carrier Appetite Guide

IBQ has created an integrated Commercial Appetite Guide, agents have the ability to see carriers’ appetite for certain risks before quoting. 

Gone are the days were new agents do not know where to place a risk, or a seasoned agent thinking that a carrier’s appetite doesn’t change.

The IBQ Commercial Lines Comparative Rater provides agents with a single point of entry, eliminating redundant data entry into each carriers’ system.

The result – real-time rates from MULTIPLE CARRIERS.

BOP, BAP, WC and MonoGL